In 1974, two surveyors and a civil engineer started the firm called McGinnis, Olson & Rowland (MOR). For almost 10 years, they worked together providing excellent services for the Kitsap County area before the three founding partners each went their own way. Bob McGinnis started a separate firm specializing in surveying, while Clark Rowland began his long tenure with Parametrix. Norm Olson founded our firm, N.L. Olson & Associates, Inc. (NLO), in 1982.

In the early 90’s, Bob McGinnis decided to retire and Norm bought his surveying firm and all associated survey data and records. This company merger brought several key employees back together. As of 2011, one of those professionals who joined the original firm of MOR in 1974 is still employed with N.L. Olson & Associates – That is 37 years!

In the late 90’s, Norm’s son, Norman began working with the firm and some years later purchased it from Norm. At that time, the firm began to further diversify civil engineering services through the addition of more professionals and added formal geotechnical engineering services, as well as, expanding the structural engineering services offered.

It was in 2006 when four of the key professionals working at the firm became partial owners, thus partnering with Norman Olson and further solidifying their dedication to N.L. Olson & Associates.

Today, N.L. Olson & Associates is one of the larger and most respected firms located in Kitsap County offering a wide array of civil, structural and geotechnical engineering and surveying services.