Civil Engineering

The Civil Engineering Division at N.L. Olson & Associates, Inc. offers a broad range of services to our customers. These services include roadway design, commercial site design, residential and commercial subdivisions, storm drainage and sanitary sewer systems, and land planning. Every project has its own parameters: location, size, performance criteria and technical needs, among other factors. Together they define a project’s engineering and design challenges. Working from this point of view, N.L. Olson & Associates, Inc. applies its experience and resources to arrive at the right solution for our clients in order to meet their specific project needs and challenges.

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The geotechnical division at N.L. Olson & Associates, Inc. offers a multitude of services to our customers. These services range from foundation investigations, mechanically stabilized earth walls and rock wall design, soil and slope stability, road sub-grading, pavement design, and specialization in coastal stabilization and restoration. Division Manager, Wesley Johnson, P.E. and his team have developed practical geotechnical solutions for challenging settings. With state-of-the art technologies, they are able to provide high quality results for our clients. The team develops an integrated understanding of the geologic, hydraulic and soil conditions through mapping and subsurface exploration. The comprehensive data acquisition process creates a thorough geological analysis and report for your site is performed and a report is created.


Land Surveying

At N.L. Olson & Associates, Inc. land surveying services are offered alone and/or in conjunction with our engineering services. This provides convenience and consistency for our clients’ projects. Our track record for performing projects safely, efficiently, on time and within budget is excellent. We continue to provide developers, businesses, landowners and the real estate community with accurate and reliable survey information from which informed decisions result.

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The structural engineering division at N.L. Olson & Associates, Inc. demonstrates an array of structural design experience. Projects vary from small residential remodels and new construction to large commercial buildings. However, buildings are just one aspect of this company’s experience. One of NL Olson & Associate’s distinctive projects was designing a 1,000,000-gallon reservoir for the City of Port Orchard. The successful completion of challenging projects such as this has given N.L. Olson & Associates, Inc. a respectable name for over 30 years. N.L. Olson & Associates, Inc. offers structural design, analysis and inspection services for the structure you propose to build.